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Financial Status at a Glance
Note :
  1. Net cash paid for investing activities of Baht 6,974 million was primarily due to the additional investment in subsidiaries of Baht 1,708 million and acquisition of fixed assets of Baht 4,349 million.
  2. Net cash received from financing activities of Baht 1,445 million was primarily due to cash received from the exercise of rights-offering and ESOP warrants (MINT-W4 and ESOP5), netted off with debt repayment.
  3. During 2013, the Company paid dividend of Baht 1,185 million (Baht 0.30 per share).
  4. Investments & others increased by Baht 4,818 million, primarily due to investment in accounts receivables of long-term contract, corresponding with the significant growth of Anantara Vacation Club's sales, increase in intangible assets, Oaks' acquisition of additional Management Letting Rights, acquisition of hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia and increase in available-for-sale investment in Breadtalk.
  1. Property plant and equipment increased by Baht 3,026 million, primarily due to increased investment in Tidal Swell by Oaks, acquisition of two hotels in Vietnam and one hotel in Cambodia, increased inventory of Anantara Vacation Club, the renovation of Anantara Layan Phuket, Anantara Bophut Koh Samui and Four Seasons Koh Samui and expansion of restaurant business.
  2. Share capital, premium and reserves increased by Baht 4,310 million, primarily due to the exercise of rights-offering and ESOP warrants (MINT-W4 and ESOP5), netted off with dividend payment.